Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hey Everyone!

We are having a benefit for businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. Ethan lives in Red Hook, and was himself without heat, hot water, and power for 19 days. Red Hook is a bit off the beaten track and only has bus service there, so small businesses are very important for the neighborhood.

We are doing a tattoo benefit/art show on 12/16. Although it is short notice, we'd appreciate it if you could put it in your calendar...its going to be a great event for a great cause! We're still working on finding a space but more information will be forthcoming as soon as we work out the details.

So far the list of participating artists includes: Robert Hernandez, Mike Pike, Jojo Akermann, Dan Marshall, Lior Cifer, Damon Conklin, Bill Canales, Robert Atkinson, Betty Rose, Shelby Cobra, Hek1, Sweety, Zoe Bean, Lara Scotton, Rob Nunez, Alex Sherker, Murran Billi, Mike Godfrey, and Mike Bee. Mike Pike is sending a machine, because a good machine is art!

All of the proceeds will go directly to


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