Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hey guys, 

Check out the updated list of artists who have signed on to participate in the upcoming Restore Red Hook Benefit on December 16th! 

Robert Hernandez, Chet Zar, Andy Engel, Coco Octaviosen Mike Pike, Jojo Akermann, Dana Helmuth, Nick Caruso, Mikael Schelén, Patrick Conlon, Sean Herman, Shane O Neil, Dan Marshall, Lior Cifer, Damon Conklin , Bill Canales, Robert Atkinson, Betty Rose, Pili Mo'o, Marisa Kakoulas, Stephane Chaudesaigues, John Reardon, James White, George Campise, Shelby Cobra, Hek1, Sweety, Zoe Bean, Lara Scotton, Magie Serpica, Rob Nunez, Alex Sherker, Guy Ursitti, Murran Billi, Mike Godfrey, Roberto Borsi, Mike Bee, Daniel Mirro, Alex de pase , Jeffery Joel Page,Tim Kern and James Kern, and Mark Harada. 

Make sure to mark the date on your calendar and come out for a fun night to support a great cause! 

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